Author: HernĂ¢ni Marques

Title: MEDUP meeting @ IETF-105

Created at: 2019-07-22 04:52:31 +0200

Closes at: 2019-07-24 23:59:00 +0200


Participation for the MEDUP meeting taking place on Wed 2019-07-24 14:50-16:50 EDT in room C2 (21st floor).

See agenda: https://pep.foundation/dev/repos/internet-drafts/file/tip/medup/ietf-105/agenda.txt
Remote participation: https://meet.digitale-gesellschaft.ch/medup (WebRTC best effort)
Subscribe to mailing list: https://www.ietf.org/mailman/listinfo/MEDUP

Name I will join (remotely).
hernani yes
claudio yes
itzel yes
3 Total yes
0 Total maybe
0 Total no

This poll has been closed.

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